Tulfo: Bato Uninformed Due to Not Being Taken Seriously by PNP

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Ramon Tulfo attacks Chief ‘Bato’ and the PNP again in his recent article with inquirer.

A manhunt for Sta. Isabel was ordered by Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. Sta. Isabel is suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo. Bato added a warning that if the cop didn’t give himself up he would be killed.

But as it turns out, Sta. Isabel has been reporting all this time to Camp Crame and was never in hiding. Rappler reports that Sta. Isabel was reassigned to the Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit in Camp Crame.

Ramon Tulfo has this to say about the matter:

If that is so, how come Bato didn’t know the missing cop was in Camp Crame all along?
Why wasn’t he told by his underlings that Sta. Isabel was at the Camp Crame unit which is composed of rascals?

The answer is simple: Bato is not being taken seriously by his subordinates.

The problem with the PNP is that it goes after criminals and other law violators but doesn’t clean up its own backyard.

Tulfo, therefore, concludes that certain Policemen were covering up for their buddies like Sta. Isabel.

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