Viral on Social Media: Advice Everyone Needs to Read on Staying Positive

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Meet Mark Alvin Buendia or simply just MA Buendia. He was born and raised in Makati. He is a Computer Science Graduate Major in Software Development and a Network Analyst. He’s been a YouTuber/Vlogger since 2007 and Co-Admin of the ‘Call Center Philippines’ Facebook page.

Recently, he’s posted his thoughts about positivity on his Facebook account. Let’s take a moment to read it.

You didn’t finish college? You can always go back. You graduated from a public school? At least you got a degree. You worked at a fast food? I know you’ve learned a lot. You came from a broken family? Now that’s why you’re strong. You didn’t get the job? You can apply again. You were cheated on? You’re not the loser. You see my point? No matter how embarrassing you think your past is, they’re already part of your history and helped shape who you are. And if you ever feel like getting lost, life permits U-turn. Or, just simply move on.

Good advice, because it’s always a good thing to look at the brighter side of everything.

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