Are You a Millennial? Read This!

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Author, inspirational speaker, and thinkfluencer Simon Sinek has a few things to say about millennials. He talks about this during an interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest.

Sinek describes the typical millennial with the following observations. They were born after 1994, they’re tough to manage, they’re accused of being entitled, narcissistic, self-interested and unfocused. He also believes that 4 factors are responsible for these negative aspects found in millennials.

Sinek cites failed parenting strategies. Most of these millennial kids are given what they want. Kids got into honor rolls because of parent’s complaints. Kids had A’s because the teacher thought it was a headache dealing with parents. Schools didn’t want to hurt millennial kid’s feelings so they gave them medals just for participating. He concludes that when these students apply for jobs after graduation, they realize they’ve lived sheltered lives. Mom couldn’t help with getting kid’s promotions or kids didn’t get medals for coming in last. This results in present generations with lower self-esteem than previous generations

Dopamine is a chemical in your body that is being released when you smoke, drink or gamble. It makes the person feel happy. When people are depressed, they turn to alcohol, cigarettes or gambling. Interestingly, the same chemical can be released when engaging with social media and our cell phone. People turn to them when they’re depressed. Of course, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, social media and cellphones are only bad when there’s too much of it.

This comes from people demanding instant gratification. Millennials want to get the things they want immediately. Just like ordering from Amazon when you get your order online today and getting your item the next day. They want an app that can do everything that they want. Millennials can get these things instantaneously except for job satisfaction and strength of relationships.

Sinek talks about the corporate environment. There’s a total lack of leadership because companies are only concerned with profit. The result is millennials not knowing how to overcome the challenges of the real and digital world.

Do you agree with Simon Sinek?

Watch the full video here.

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