Photoshopped Duterte Bill Goes Viral

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The image of a P30 bill with President Rodrigo Duterte’s portrait garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

The origin of the image is unclear.

Since the photo started circulating online this week, it has attracted over 17,000 likes in one fan page.

The image in the currency shows Duterte with his mouth agape, and his middle finger raised. This prompted Duterte supporters to suggest that a different photo be used as the image in the currency.

One Duterte supporter, Leon Ash Steff, comments on the President Duterte Supporters Facebook page that the person who designed the currency was a Duterte hater.

Other netizens suggested that President Duterte should be placed on a P2,000 or P5,000 bill.

The writing “tatlump***nginang piso” in the bill garnered laughter online.


  1. Passionate Angel Reply

    Whoever made this has just succeeded— to make people laugh, so, I did! 😀

  2. Corazon Frez Reply

    Duterte is our President, he should be presented with the highest degree of respect in the national bill, at least he should look dignified, bakit dito sa 30 bill nakanganga, parang nakakita ng multo or what, at ayusin nyo yan mga scientific name ng mga hayop na nilalagay nyo dyan sa bill natin. Meron pong panuntunan sa pagsusulat ng scientific name, comonsulta po sa mga experts.

  3. erwin claro bini Reply

    para sakin pwede naman kasi pera lang naman yan at bagay naman kay pangulo 🙂

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