4 Years After, Marquez Still Gloating About His Win Over Pacman

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Juan Manuel Marquez still can’t stop gloating even after flooring Manny Pacquiao four years ago.

Marquez calls his knockout win over Pacquiao on December 8, 2012 “divine justice”.

He had grown tired of what he claimed was “robbery” committed by Pacquiao’s camp in their first three bouts.

The Marquez and Pacquiao fight had a much-disputed draw in 2004, before Pacquiao walked away with wins in 2008 (split decision) and 2011 (majority decision).

But Marquez’s vicious counter straight knocked the lights out of the Filipino champion in the sixth round in the 2012 match.

Although Pacquiao demanded a fifth fight, Marquez said “it was no longer required.”

Marquez said he would have granted Pacquiao another bout if the outcome in 2012 had not been as decisive as their previous bouts.

But upon seeing Pacquiao face down on the canvass, he had no doubt that his nemesis had been thoroughly beaten.

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