Sandro Marcos’ ‘Rogue One’ Tweet Attacked by Netizens

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Sandro Marcos, the grandson of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., has once again been a target of netizens with just a four-word Twitter post.

The 22-year old Marcos praised the latest blockbuster film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” on his Twitter account which read “Rogue One is incredible”. He shared it to his 283,000 Twitter followers.

The film follows the story of a band of rebels trying to overthrow an evil empire. It was directed by British filmmaker Gareth Edwards.

However, netizens compared the similarity of the movie to the 1986 People Power Revolution that overthrew the dictatorship of his grandfather.

Here are some of the tweets against Sandro:

“Yeah. The Rebellion is like People Power, The New Republic is Martial Law, and Darth
Vader is your lolo (grandfather).”

“You know what’s more incredible? Admitting your family’s crimes against the Philippines and apologizing for them.”

@iamlancer:”Does it remind you of something? Something that involves your family?”

@dreamingofyoo:”You know what’s more incredible? Philippines did that few decades ago. Overthrew your tyrannical family.”

Salvador Aquino:

“The Force is strong with the irony.”

However, other tweets spoke in defense of the young Marcos.

Twitter user Pepe Alas said:

“Poor @sandromarcos7 is being cyberbullied by millennials. Suppression of freedom of the press is no different from cyberbullying.”

Twitter Gianna Catolico said:

“Twitter trolls, enough cyber bullying. Leave the kid alone. I don’t like the Marcoses, but please.”

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