WATCH: Man from Mindanao Asks the Real Question– “Where are we?”

the real questions is where are we
The current situation in Marawi from Mindanao made President Rodrigo Duterte declare Martial Law. People raised different opinions regarding his call to the … 0 23

Starship Entertainment: K-Pop Group SISTAR Disbands

kpop group sistar disbands
SISTAR made its debut back in June 2010. The girl group signed a contract for 7 years together. Sadly, that … 0 61

Maute, ISIS Sympathizers Struck Terror in Marawi

maute struck terror in marawi
Just a day before the start of Ramadan, a Maute terrorist group invaded and terrorized the city. Fire broke out … 0 76

Ariana Grande Sorry After Manchester Incident

ariana grande apologized after explosion
Ariana Grande apologizes to her fans after the explosion during her concert in Manchester. Although she was “okay” after, Grande … 0 63

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