Renerio Colina wood bike

Meet The “Innovative Wood Bike Maker”

An 80-year old man gains internet fame for his invention, a wooden bicycle! A photo of an old man riding … 0 49
Park Geun Hye arrest
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Former South Korean President Arrested

After her arrested former South Korean President Park Geun-Hye arrived at a detention center near Seoul. After a 9-hour court … 0 32
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Fishes of Doom?

An Oarfish stranded on the shore of a town in Padgre Burgos gained a lot of attention. People spotted the … 0 30
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First Filipino Deported From US Speaks Out

After jumping ship, former crewman Raymond Galleon have been living in the US for seven years as an undocumented immigrant. … 0 73

These Illustrations are Very True for People with Anxiety

A large portion of our society misunderstands or doesn’t even know what anxiety disorder is. This condition can cause unfounded … 0 34
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Internet Raves on a Bust of Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his soccer prowess and being exceptionally handsome, not to mention he is also vain. So … 0 33
Jezz and Tony with their pizza for wedding
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What Happens When Two Pizza Lovers Get Married?

Bride Jess Melara and groom Tony Sanchez abandoned the traditional wedding cake for something that they both love, Pizza! The … 0 42
Xiumin as doctor

Fans Uncover a K-pop Star Soon to Becomes a Doctor

A Bachelors Degree is nice, a Masters Degree is great but what do you call a K-pop star with a … 0 66

What You Need to Know About the New Facebook App, a Snapchat-like Feature

It is the latest Snapchat-like feature to roll out on the company’s main app. If you’re NOT a Snapper, you’re … 0 39
Belen Sisa Posted on Facebook
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Undocumented Immigrant Shows Proof That They Pay Taxes Too

Undocumented immigrants often subjected to scapegoating especially during the current administration. Accusations such as Undocumented immigrants ‘don’t pay taxes’ and … 0 49
Shiryl Saturnino death
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A 29-year-old Woman Died During a Cosmetic Surgery

In her pursuit of beauty, a 29-year-old businesswoman and single parent, Shiryl Saturnino met her untimely death. According to reports, … 0 107